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An Overview

LittleBoos is a collection of 9999 NFTs created using the ERC721 standard. The collection is a mix of hand-drawn original artwork and random generative process.

‘LittleBoos’ aim to be a well recognised creative brand in the industries of Children’s Books, Indie Kiddie Comics and Children focussed E-commerce.

Every holder of LittleBoos NFT will reap many short-term and long-term benefits, including potential membership to an exclusive club with limited edition and other airdrops from the associated Booverse collection, merchandise discounts, DAO leveled memberships and much more.

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LittleBoos Sample Showcase


Racing Bikes got to him


Loves dressing up

Boos Trailer

#9867: THUGBOO

The local kingpin


The Invincible

#6545: BOOTLE

Vigilante for Justice


Fiction extraordinaire

#7354: WEREBOO

Bitten by a Werewolf


Angel or Demon?


Exploring the Universe